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A giant exporting project of solar hydrogen from Maghreb to Europe

CDER (Algiers) & CETH (France) involved in the giant hydrogen exporting project of solar hydrogen from Maghreb to Europe

The huge solar potential of the Sahara desert will be employed to generate massive quantities of hydrogen by different means (thermochemical water splitting, natural gas solar steam reforming, photovoltaic combined with water electrolysis, etc) according to Maghreb-Europe a Consortium which was created during the 16th WHEC. This hydrogen will be used mainly for local needs and also could be exported to Europe through the existing transmediterranean NG pipes system. Major European industrial partners from Algeria, Tunisia, Marocco, Libya, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, etc; are already involved in Maghreb-Europe.

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The solar energy received in Sahara during one year = 120 times the annual world energy consumption !

Design & programmation : Stève LECHEVALIER - CETH